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L.A. County Youth Jobs (LACYJ)

Our Youth Program was created to provide services to youth who come from economically and educationally disadvantaged families in areas including Cudahy, Huntington Park, Lynwood, Maywood, South Gate and Bell Gardens. We place an emphasis on enhancing youth development in the areas of education, by promoting long-term intervention strategies to improve basic skills, leadership, and pre-employment preparation.

The main goal of the youth program is to expose youth to opportunities and the tools that will empower them for a better future. To accomplish this we provide an array of services, such as, paid work experience, basic skills training and job readiness workshops.

The Youth Center offers many resources for job search and secondary education information. This includes computers, scholarship and financial aid information, college and university resources and services to eligible customers. For further information please contact us at 323-586-4700.